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Finally meet your funding needs...

10x Your fundraising! 

* 100% Digital ~ COVID Friendly Fundraiser

* NO Volunteers Needed

* NO Cost Out of Pocket

* EASY - We do 99% of the work

We partner with you to launch a GiveRaiser... a fun viral fundraiser that includes built-in donation incentives to motivate your donors. Leave the heavy work to us and get started in as little as 15 minutes.

 Want to see how it all works? Request your free fundraiser blueprint!

* Free & No obligation

Here's what you get with A GiveRaiser campaigns:

  • 3 FREE Vacations to give away ($3540 value)
  • Custom built Fundraiser Page (Done for You)
  • Custom Giveaway Contest Page (Done for You)
  • Viral Sharing Portal to maximize fundraiser reach
  • Unlimited free vacation travel vouchers for donors
  • Unlimited free hotel discount cards for donors
  • Custom Corporate Sponsor donation page
  • $5k Guarantee - Ask your Coach for details
Baseball Team Fundraisers
Cancun Vacation Incentive

Give back to your supporters!

Reward Your Donors

GiveRaiser campaigns allow you to offer incredible travel incentives to those who support your cause. Don't worry - we handle all of the incentive fulfillment & delivery for you. All you do is receive the funds you need to achieve your goals.

Your donors not only get the satisfaction of supporting a great cause, they will receive free vacation stays, & hotel savings cards valued well in excess of their donation. It's a Win-Win!

Example Donor Rewards

  • Donate $20 - get a Free $100 Hotel Savings Card
  • Donate $150 - get a 6 Day /5 Night Mexico Vacation (up to $1,495 value) 
  • And more... We create custom donation levels for your cause!

Want to Know more about our Incentives?

How Hotel Savings Cards Work


How Complimentary Vacations Work



Donation to Your Cause

Win-WIn Fundraising


Value to Your Donor

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From OUR Founder

Our mission at FundRise Hub is to give you an effective, fun, and easy way to raise funds for your team, organization, or cause. You'll reach your funding goals with minimal time & effort with our done-for-you customized campaign setup. Plus, with built-in donation incentives our GiveRaiser Campaigns are truly a WIN-WIN for you and your supporters!

FundRise Hub Founder

Matt Downs

FundRise Hub Founder

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Digital Fundraiser


All Digital Fundraising

100% Digital Fundraiser

Your fundraiser is 100% online... A perfect solution for post COVID-19 fundraraising!

Vacation Incentives

unlimited Vacation Incentives

Motivate your donors with unlimited free vacation incentives and travel discount cards.

Viral Fundraising

Easy Viral Sharing

Extend the reach of your fundraiser with our built in Viral Sharing Portal.

Custom Donations Page

Custom Fundraising Page

We'll customize an awesome Campaign Page with built in donation incentive levels.

Secure Donations

Secure Donations

Sleep easy knowing that your donors are 100% protected and secure.

Fundraising coach

Your personal Fundraising Coach is there to guide you anytime during your campaign.

Ready to see how it works?

Get Your Fundraiser Blueprint

Fundraiser Blueprint

What's included:

  • Fundraising Campaign Blueprint
  • Campaign Overview Video
  • Travel Donation Incentives Guide
  • Campaign Page Demo Example
  • Giveaway Page Demo Example
  • Viral Sharing Portal Demo Example
  • Get a FREE $300 Hotel Savings Card

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